If feminism is for equality, why do feminist lobby groups oppose the presumption of joint child custody after divorce?





Is there a link for this? I’d really like to see it.

I just did a quick google search and I found links here, here, (starts on page 16), and here

This reminds me of a girlwriteswhat quote, “If he’s not useful, if he’s not a benefit, then out you go.”

But of course, it’s the patriarchy’s fault for thinking women are naturally better parents! It’s the patriarchy’s fault that women can’t be independent because they make less, because they fought to take care of their children over their ex-husbands! 

Patriarchy, patriarchy, patriarchy!

I read a story yesterday of some single father whos ex girlfriend who was given custody of their kids literally dumped them off at his house, signed off custody of the children to him and then disappeared off the grid. The guy barely ever saw a single penny of child support (that was something like $30-20,000 over the course of 9 years) from her but every time he got the court on her ass, she managed to manipulate them into lowering the amount she was to owe to him WITHOUT ever having to pay back the debts. For years he had to drive 50 miles to the courts to keep hounding them to do something to no avail. He eventually gave up because the cost of going to court and driving all the way out was too much to deal with while having to care for like three kids. Then the guy started getting prefabricated madlib-like letters from the government about the struggle to have the deadbeat mother pay up that literally sympathized with him “at this time” while referring to him as a “she” trying to get his “ex-husband” to pay “her” what was owed.

Best part? While the kids were in her custody, the government was brutally efficient in getting him to pay the child support and was all over HIS ass when he missed payments after losing his job and even had his unemployment insurance docked because of it.

Super duper privilege you got there bud. Why don’t you you just CHECK EM and take a seat and what not.

I don’t understand how you could be a feminist and think letting that kind of thing happen is okay.

I certainly don’t.

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    Fact: People can be wicked, regardless of gender.
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    That is fucked up. I agree with cat
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    Very simple, really. Feminism, like everything in life, is splintered as fuck. And sadly many people in that “group”...
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    Like, it’s not even that. ON THE LEVEL: It’s just that I see shitty sarcastic HURR OH WHAT ABOUT THE WHITE MEN or hetero...
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    THIS all over. "Being a woman" doesn’t automatically spell "being the better parent".
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    I think I would be offended that someone of my sex would be stooping so low and acting so irresponsible that I’d get all...
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    That story makes me sad :(
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    I don’t understand how you could be a feminist and think letting that kind of thing happen is okay. I certainly don’t.
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