That Heavy/Medic phone sex fic I wrote is now up on and AO3.

Here and here.

I wrote this like, over a year ago.



honeybat17 asked: Hey there, just wanted to say I enjoyed reading through all the TF2 fics you had posted! I've reread Respawn for about four times and I find myself going back to your other works time and again as well, even trying my hand at fanfic writing again. I'm wondering what happened to the rest of your posted works however with smut in them? I'd been meaning to save offline copies partly for reference and my own leisurely reading if that's all right. Also avidly following Afterwards 2!

I had no idea what you were talking about and went to look at How Heavy Met Medic and realized that it seemed to have fucking disappeared off of Dotchan’s site.

Now, I don’t know what all of that is all about, but lucky for you that shit is mirrored on Archive of Our Own, TF2chan, and Pastebin, respectively.

Here’s RotD Companion Tales: How Heavy Met Medic.

Here’s Straightgineer.

And here’s The Cake Fic.

Respawn of the Dead


When I read Respawn of the Dead I have made a pdf-version of it. 

Now I’d like to share with tumblr folks… idk maybe it will be helpful for someone

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If anybody wants to download a PDF of a fan fiction I wrote over four years ago, here you go.

I wrote up a thing real quick related to this conversation on Tumblr last night. Or yesterday morning.

This is probably the last RotD related thing I’ll ever write ever.

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So I got a request for a master post of my fic, so I’m gonna do that.

Most of my fics that I’ve written are on, graciously hosted by Dotchan, but I’ll post some links for y’all with some short summaries and whatnot.

General warning: Almost all of my fics contain Heavy/Medic, with a few noted exceptions. Deal w/ it.

Respawn of the Dead - The earliest fan fiction I wrote that is worth noting. Basically Team Fortress 2 with zombies. Written in 2009. This fic is so long that posting it in one part on Dotchan’s site caused formatting issues, so it’s a two-parter. 20 chapters plus epilogue. 95250 words.

With Apologies to Harlan Ellison - Written for Halloween 2009. Probably my most copy-pasta worthy story. Has shown up on 4chan’s /v/, Reddit, Game Banana, and tons of other online gaming communities, usually unsourced. It’s Team Fortress 2 meets I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, hence the title. One-shot fic. 7061 words. Dotchan wrote a sequel to it called Transcripts from a Series of Therapy Sessions.

RotD Companion Tales: How Heavy Met Medic - Originally intended to be a part of a series of stories that took place before Respawn of the Dead. Instead it just ended up detailing how Heavy and Medic became a couple. Contains smut about midway through. There were going to be more Companion Tales but that never panned out. 15 chapters. 53621 words.

Surrogate - A deconstruction of mpreg (male pregnancy) that I started to write while medicated on painkillers, partially inspired my drug-induced waking dreams and multiple joke-attempts at answering a request for mpreg on a response thread. One of my more notorious works, it’s purportedly made at least three people vomit while reading it, a fact that I am unreasonably proud of. 10 chapters. 47039 words.

With Apologies to Stephen King - A parody (seriously) of author wish-fulfillment fics that started a giant shitstorm on TF2chan. Inspired by a particularly banal fan fiction on called “The Adventures of Brody and Sniper,” in which Sniper appears in the author self-insert’s house by a magical lightening strike which rips him from the game of TF2, and he then proceeds to become BFFs with the author self-insert. I found this really dumb but also kind of subtly horrifying how Sniper’s world seemed to rapidly revolve around this not-particularly-likable Mary Sue. So I did what any reasonable person would do and basically rewrote that story in vein of Stephen King’s Misery. One-shot fic. Contains original and alternate ending. No Heavy/Medic to be found. 9316 words.

Reunion - A post-war fic set eight years after the end of the RED/BLU conflict, wherein the former members of RED meet at Engineer’s home in Beecave, Texas. This was a bit of an experiment; unlike other stories there are no zombies, aliens, malevolent A.I.s or psycho stalkers: just a bunch of people sitting around and talking and more of a focus on human drama and character exploration. 11 chapters. 54084 words.

Afterwards - Currently ongoing follow-up fic to Reunion. Details events that happen after the reunion, currently planned to go all the way up until the present day. Link above contains the first twelve chapters, current TF2chan thread can be found here. I am working on part 16 as I type this. It’s gonna be long.

There are also a small number of less notable fics I have on Dotchan’s site, but I like them enough to actually keep a record of them on her site:

Straightgineer - Attempt at writing smut of a het pairing, including a non-canon character. Engineer/his wife. One shot. 3372 words.

In the Cold Russian Winter - 2011 Secret Santa exchange fic. Heavy and Medic meet during WWII. One shot. 4503 words.

Twilight Sparkle and the Wrath of the Skeleton King - Not a TF2 fic at all, but instead a sort of pale imitation of 30 H’s with My Little Pony. Currently on indefinite hiatus.

More fic of mine exists, but some of it has been lost or may be in the TF2chan archives. Not much of the stuff that’s not listed here is really worth reading.

I hope this helps.